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Is your business blogging?

We are living in a digital age. Anything analogue is left out of the dialogue. And, my good friend, dialogue is what drives every business. If people are not talking about your business:

1. You lose out on free marketing
2. People can’t trust your brand
3. Your product is ignored

What does all this have to do with blogging?


A well-maintained blog solves all the above problems and more. Let me elaborate. Here are 10 reasons your business needs a blog (no matter the industry).

1. A great way to market your business

With the advent of the smartphone, traditional advertising is fast becoming redundant. This is because information about everything is right at our fingertips, thanks to Google.
The infographic below shows the increase in internet usage globally.

This is where blogging becomes a powerful marketing tool. A well written, SEO optimised and maintained blog will put you on Google’s front page. Simply put, a blog has the power to put your business in front of 3773 billion people.

2. Builds authority and influence

One ingredient that drives sales more than others is trust. People buy products they trust and trust is a by product of authority. That is what a blog does for a brand; it builds authority.

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How To Be A Christian Blogger: 6 Great Tips

christian blogger

So you want to be a Christian blogger?


In the predominantly degenerate cyberspace, sanity and morality need to be restored by Christian bloggers. These are Christ-driven bloggers who influence the largely unchurched “Cyber Junkies.”

In the past, blogging used to be a simple way for people to journal their lives but that has radically changed over the years. Blogs have evolved into living magazines that impact thousands of lives.

As with all things technological though, Christians are lagging behind. Even though Christian blogs do exist, they are heavily outnumbered. Here’s the good news: there’s an online revival taking place where more and more Christian bloggers are emerging and commanding huge followings.

Who knows, you could be the next agent of revival through your upcoming blog.

I hope I have tickled your ears and ignited a spark in your heart to be part of this revival. The question, however, is how do you become a Christian blogger? I’ll give you 6 great tips.

1) Have a Vision for Your Blog

Before you sign up for WordPress, Wix or whatever platform you prefer, write down a vision for your blog. What do you ultimately want to achieve with your blog?

  • Is it a way to journal your experiences and the lessons you learn? One Christian who decided to share her spiritual journey is Carol Hind. She posts regularly about the lessons she learns in life and shares other people’s inspirational stories.
  • Perhaps you want to be a cyber missionary and spark a viral revival like Christian Media Magazine. Cyber missionaries are a noble breed that reach the seemingly hard to reach people online.
  • Or maybe you want it to be an ethical, moral and Christ-centred money making machine. I know a Christian blogger or two who fit that description. If you resonate with this idea, check out Brandon Cox, a pastor, entrepreneur and serial blogger running 30+ (yes, 30+) websites. Bob Lotich is another Christian blogger worth checking out if you’re more into the financial dimension of blogging.
    With these examples in mind, I am sure you’re well equipped to come up with a clear vision for your blog.

    2) Map Out a Strategy

To be relevant, you need to determine how you’ll fulfill your vision. You need to strategize.

Vision deals with the future or outcome of your blog. Strategy has to do with the practical steps you will take to get there.

To map out your strategy, it’s essential that you ask yourself a few questions:

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