About Me


Hi there!

My name is Katopeka. I know it’s a tongue twisting mouthful so just call me Kato.

I am a husband to one, father of two and Pastor of many.

freelance writerThat statement alone qualifies me to understand and deal with people of all ages, ethnicity, educational background and economic status. I have dealt with them all and their myriads of challenges.

A Few Humble Achievements
I have been writing faith based content for 12 years and along the way I have published a paperback and 2 ebooks and many more on the way.

I am the primary author of a blog called ‘Life On Purpose’, a blog aimed at equipping and inspiring believers to be the best they can be. I have also guest blogged on ‘Purpose Driven Achiever’ and ‘Seed4Future’ blogs.

Writing is a passion for me. In fact, it is a gift and I intend to use it to help advance the kingdom of God.

This is why I guarantee the best results for you and your organization; your success is my mission.

In short, I am a Christian content marketing and management solution. I get people to notice and partner with you. Those are the two crucial ingredients for your success.

Your vision and mission are unique.

Secular organizations or copywriters won’t get you the results you need because they don’t understand you and your vision. I DO.


My Commitment To You
As a solution to your content and communications needs I promise:
• Customer satisfaction. I deliver what you want, when you want it.
• Clear, concise and timely communication. When we work together you become my priority.
• Honesty, transparency and integrity.

Ready to take your organization to the next level?

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